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An Acient Science





A Natural Way to Heal

A Thai-based Massage treatment engages a combination of massage kneading, petrissage and stretching of the muscles across the energy channels of the body. The deeper the access to the muscle and meridians, the more tension is released, therefore the body gains greater flexibility, mobility, and posture. Contemporary clinical research suggests an improvement on the sympathetic nervous system, which can further enhance your psychological wellbeing. Experience this Himalayan tradition of accessing the health from within!


An Ancient Science

Thai massage helps the body by stimulating a free energy flow within its meridians. It is an ancient practice based on the principle of the five elements of the body as depicted in ancient Tibetan plateau scripts.
While Thai massage wisdom has not been exhaustively explored, the benefits include a better blood circulation, deep tissue rejuvenation, muscles oxygenation, and mental freshness. Research studies found that Thai massage increases the metabolic activity and the functions of body detoxification.

In practice it is performed either on a massage table or on the floor. Pressure is firmer than in a deep tissue massage, no oil is used, and the entire body of the therapist is used to produce the pressure needed for various areas of the body. Frequency of sessions depends on each individual’s body and it’s detoxifying process. Thai massage will bring a noticeable improvement in flexibility and mobility in each session.


The History of Thai Massages

Thai massage is a branch of Thai medicine rooted in ancient Northern Indian traditions of 2500 years ago. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the inspirer of Thai and Tibetan medicine, was Buddha’s personal physician whose therapeutic techniques were based on the principles of compassion, gratitude and honour for all beings. Compassionate touch on the affected areas of the body, herbs and mystical energy medicine were some of the treatments he established to bring the five body elements, mind and soul in balance.

Even though the meridians system has been a more than 3000 years of tradition in Eastern medicine, Korean scientists have since late 2019 allocated these meridians in the physiology of human body, now official referred to as “primo vascular system” (Ghiron, 2019).

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